Third Time’s the Charm with UD’s Naked 3

12 Dec

20131211_122443-1 (1)

Happy Holidays Beauties & Studs! It’s the time of year for gift giving and celebrations, which, of course, means that we must “don we now our gay apparel” and glam out. Christmas has come early this year, with Urban Decay releasing the much anticipated follow up to their Naked series of palettes. Naked 3 was released on in November of 2013 and like its predecessors has been selling out pretty much everywhere. I was fortunate enough to snag one when they were released by after Thanksgiving. I must confess after playing with the palette once, Naked 3 is the BEST one yet.

I should probably start off by saying that I love Urban Decay. I have been using their products since they were just making lipsticks and nail polishes. I actually remember buying their first Face Case in 2001. When I first heard about Naked 3, I wondered what color family of neutrals they would be choosing. When it was released that Naked 3 would be rose gold, I pretty much knew that it would instantly be the most versatile of all the palettes. Rose tones tend to be the most universally flattering on all skin tones. Some of the issues I had with the previous palettes (1,2 & the Naked Basics palette) is that on certain skin tones, the lighter shades would be too chalky, while others were virtually useless because certain shades blended too well into medium to dark skin tones.   For example, once you blend the Naked Basics palette through on medium to dark skin tones, the colors tend to muddle together and look gray, even though the palette itself consists of browns, taupes and creams. In Nakeds 1 & 2, there are certain shades that once applied give a light shimmer instead of the full color pay off. This means that the full palette isn’t as versatile as one would like. For a makeup artist like myself, who uses the palette on a variety of skin tones, these palettes provide the versatility needed for all my clients. However, the average makeup enthusiast with medium to dark skin tones, might miss out on being able to use all the shadows.



The Naked 3 Palette consists of rose, mauve, brown, copper and black tones, all with hints of rose gold. Every shade has an amazing color payoff and is beautiful on its own. The palette consists of 3 matte shades that are perfect for blending and defining the crease. The  satin and shimmer shades perfectly compliment one another and jumping from one shade to the next is pretty seamless. The brush that comes with it is a double ended crease and shadow brush. The shadow side is fluffier than the ones included in the previous palettes, making blending a snap. It also picks up pigment very well, with the exception of the 2 glitter shades, Dust and Trick.



Dust and Trick are the two shades that contain micro glitter and micro sparkle respectively. They are really soft in texture and crumble upon contact. As you can see from the photo above, the shadow is so delicate that grabbing a bit of product with my finger warped the bottom of the shadow left in the packaging. It actually left my finger indent in the shadow.  It’s so soft that applying it with the shadow brush leaves you a chalky glittery mess. When used dry, it’s difficult to really appreciate the color variation between these two. They both appear shimmery with a kind of opaque chalkiness. When applied wet, however, the color just glides on and the tonal variations become very evident. Dust is a pale pink, perfect for highlighting in the tear ducts and Trick is a gorgeous copper.


After some serious testing (aka playing), I instantly fell in love with Naked 3. Of all the Naked palettes, it provides the most romantic, soft, dewy, and natural look. The previous palettes I feel are great, but are most often used to create bold smokey eye looks. I feel like Naked 3 is different in that, the individual shades marry very well with the overall rose theme of the palette. The color payoff is softer due to the satin finish of the darker shades. The darkest shade, Blackheart, blends out to a very muted smoky black with rose gold micro sparkle.  Naked 3 is a must have palette, it will add a bit of shimmery romance to any holiday party ensemble. It is also perfect for creating that blushing bride or sweet first date look! I highly recommend you rush out and get Naked (3 that is)!

As always, thank you for reading.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!






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