Smashbox Gives Good Face

27 Mar

Last year, Smashbox was nice enough to send me a few products to try. Although I wanted to break open all of them and try them right away. I still had a bunch of similar skin products in use and I wanted to preserve my new goodies until I really needed them. I’ve finally tried all of the products and I must admit that I was unknowingly saving the best for last.

I’ve been using Smashbox products for over 12 years. Their Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner in Deep Black is still my favorite go to gel liner. When I first started wearing makeup on the daily, my focus was on my eyes. Smoky…cat eye…lashes. As long as my eyes were done, I would rely on my, then, youthful skin for my natural flush and dewy complexion. I would even skip lip color, so that I could kiss my boyfriend! Oh youth! Now as I enter my 30’s (eek!), my skin is no longer as naturally radiant as it once was. I need the help of primers, foundations, contour powders, and blush! I will admit, I still have some good skin days where I don’t need foundation and just do brows, eyes, cheeks, lips and go, but those days are surely numbered. At the heart of good skin care is work, diligence and the right products. As luck would have it, Smashbox sent me a bunch of products to help me give good face! With the help of these products, I can still achieve that naturally good skin look with a few simple products. I use them on my clients and they couldn’t be happier, so everyone wins!

Photo Finish Foundation Primer

smashbox photo finish primer


It’s really no wonder that this product has gotten so many awards. It’s wonderful! It is the answer to uneven skin. It’s like magic. It smooths and fills in pores and fine lines. Foundation glides on after application and stays looking fresh all day.   It’s even good for your skin, go figure! The brilliant people at Smashbox even make different types of this product to accommodate for your needs!  The Photo Finish Light is 60% water based and works best for sensitive or oily skin. Photo Finish Hydrating is a cooling, moisturizing version for dry skin. There is even a Photo Finish for under eyes and dark spots. No matter what you need, Smashbox has you covered!

Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer, Adjust

I’ve previously spoken about the importance of color correctors to give you an even canvas. I had been using a couple all in one products (Stila One Step Correct and Set and Correct Powder) which has saved me a lot of time for my TV work. The one concern I had about these products is that sometimes you want to isolate the different correctors to accommodate for an individual’s skin needs…sometimes you NEED a specialized product. I found my answer with the Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer, Adjust. It has all the smoothing, oil reducing power of Photo Finish except it’s green and also neutralizes redness. I use this on my clients with Rosacea and it’s been amazing. I just put some on the red spots and blend outward with a sponge, finishing it off with some liquid foundation. The skin is silky, matte and evenly covered. I couldn’t ask for a better green corrector, from color to texture to packaging!



O…M…G! So lets set the stage here, a female client walks in 8 minutes to air, she wants a full face, but there just isn’t time. What do you do? Reach for the O-Glow! This stuff is seriously smart! It’s intuitive makeup! It’s a clear gel that gives you a customized flush once it hits your skin. It’s perfect for all skin tones and glides on smoothly. I’ve even used it as a lip stain LOL. Just line the eyes, mascara, powder, a little O-Glow and put a little gloss over your lips and we’re camera ready in no time! (Smashbox also makes O-Plump and O-Gloss!)

Photo Op Under Eye Brightener


This stuff is an under eye concealer’s best friend. Applied to your skin, it brightens anywhere you put it, but paired it with a concealer, it acts as a brightener and highlighter, cutting down my need for extra products. For quickly covered under eye circles, I lay down some concealer, blend out then apply the Photo Op right over it. It gives that extra coverage while illuminating the under eyes. It makes you look bright and well rested. Great for bridal makeup!

The piece de resistance to this whole thing is the now DISCONTINUED!!!

Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit


This is seriously the best contour kit I have ever used. It’s a set of 3 colors: Contour, Bronze and Highlight. It even comes with an angled brush and instructions on how to use the product. You have to use the darkest contour color with a light hand on light skin tones and the highlight can be a tad chalky looking on dark skin if you use too much, but the combination of the 3 makes it the perfect kit. I even use it on eyes when I’m in a bind! It is the perfect texture for TV! Imagine my dismay when I decided to get one for myself and found out it was discontinued:-( Boo! Please come back!

A huge thank you to Smashbox for sending me these amazing products! Your innovation continues to make me an even bigger fan of yours, if that’s even possible!

‘Til next time Beauties and Studs!



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