8 Feb

Now that I have your attention…this entry is about HAIR, specifically, my experimentation with fringe. It all started like most good stories do, over drinks. I was out with my husband, enjoying my second Electric Lemonade, when I noticed one of the waitresses and her amazing full bangs. It was a full thick bang that slightly covered the eyebrows and even curled slightly to the right. I immediately asked my husband, “Think I could pull something like that off?” He said, “Oh yeah! But it’s gotta be a full bang, not that wimpy side swept bang, which doesn’t really count as bangs.” Damn. He knew what he was talking about and now that I mentioned it, there would be no going back. His next question confirmed it, “So, when are you going to do it?” And with that my newest beauty obsession was born. BANGS!

I began immediately researching different bang types from rockabilly bangs to that “wimpy side swept bang.” I grabbed photos of bang styles I was “comfortable” with and obsessed over them. Where would they fall? How short would they be? I asked all the fringe-haired women in my chair if they liked their bangs. I began conversations with friends that started with, “I’m thinking about getting bangs. What do you think?”  They all said, “Do it! Bangs are awesome! And if you don’t like it, it’s just hair. It grows back.” That last part wasn’t all that comforting and the risk of having to wait for my hair to grow out if I hated it scared me to pieces; this coming from a girl that had way too many lop-sided bowl haircuts that were way too short…eeek!! I only has one friend that said, “I get it. Getting bangs is a huge step for a girl.” Finally some empathy!!

I really felt like I was taking a plunge. It wasn’t about style or hair or even vanity. It was about a change. I was ready. I’m not sure if subliminally my looming 30th birthday was creating this need for a change, but it needed to happen. I called my friend and stylist, Jennifer, who by sheer happenstance had just moved back to Los Angeles and was doing house calls. Jennifer is not a “hairstylist,” using that term wouldn’t do her justice. She is a hair artist. I’ve seen her put crazy colors on 60 year old ladies and have it look classy, trendy and professional. She can achieve any look, cut and color imaginable. She cares about how your hair grows and how it takes certain products. Jennifer is a genius and if I was going to take the plunge with anyone, it was going to be with her.  She came over on a gloomy Saturday morning and when she pulled up, I noticed something very different about her. She had bangs! And they looked fabulous on her!

She put a black color glaze in my hair and we spent time joking, catching up and playing with makeup (naturally). She could sense my apprehension about the bangs and tried her best to put me at ease. She would say things like, “Just do it. It’s a very dramatic change, but it’s totally your style.” At the end of my color process, I finally put my hands up and said, “I trust you girl, let’s do it.” My heart was beating out of my chest as she made those first cuts. My heart skipped a beat when she said, “We need to go shorter. We need to do Bettie Bangs.” Shorter?!? As she made her final cuts, she flat ironed them and said, “Oh my god! They look awesome! Why didn’t we do this sooner? I feel like you should’ve had these a long time ago.” I walked over to the mirror and looked at myself. I was in shock, but I F*CKING LOVED THEM! As I sat back down for her to finish my cut, she quietly whispered with a smile, “I can’t believe you let me give you Bettie Bangs.”

Jennifer and myself, post “banging” LOL



I put my makeup on and couldn’t believe how much my new look changed me. Not just physically, but mentally too. I felt confident. And now, for the first time in a long time, I feel whole. I’m no longer waiting for something. I’m no longer saying, “When I lose 15 pounds, I’ll do this.” or “When I turn 30…” I am living in the now, because I really like the person that’s staring back in the mirror. I feel like who I am and the things I represent are now reflected in my ideal vision of myself. I found myself or rather, the version of me that I kept inside has come out. It’s amazing! I feel like a new woman! The self assured, ready to take on the world, take no bullsh*t, independent woman, sexy glamour girl has arrived. For lack of a better term, I feel liberated. I finally see myself the way I want to be perceived. I’m comfortable in my own skin and it took me stepping outside my comfort zone to do so. For so long, I felt like I needed that push in the right direction, to find myself, to discover my inner-vamp. Thanks to my new Bettie Bangs. I finally did. It’s not just a new ‘do, it’s a new me and I love it! I’m ready to take on the world. I’m not holding back or waiting for things to change. I’m meeting life head on. I’m not afraid. I’m me, take it or leave it.

The moral of all this is: Step outside your comfort zone. Push yourself to make changes, no matter how big or small. It could affect you in ways you can’t even imagine!

Happy Discoveries Beauties and Studs!

P.S. Styling!!!

Ok, so having said all of that, bangs are a lot of work. You have to style them every single day. They are a commitment and are definitely NOT low maintenance. I am not a low maintenance chick, obviously LOL, so I was ok with adding another 15 minutes to my routine. I did, however, find an amazing time saver. A mini flat iron.


I got the leopard flat iron, pictured above, (super cute right?) for my birthday last year and they are a God-sent for styling my bangs! I found that my flat iron was too big and not curved enough to use on my bangs. The round brush made them too poofy, so I busted out my mini-flat and va va voom!! 4 passes with it, comb and hairspray and they are all set. ❤


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