One woman’s worst product ever, could be the answer to your eyebrow woes

30 Jun

This product is called an eyebrow enhancer for a reason! If you do not have eyebrows or are “brow hair challenged” like myself this product is NOT for you! It is a wax and powder combo that is designed to sculpt existing hair with the gel and fill in spaces with the powder. Both the powder and gel need hair to attach to! Otherwise, after a couple of hours expect to have no brows, only smears of what once was. I have never returned a makeup product in my life. I will usually just make do to support the industry, but I’m returning this and sticking to my Maybelline and MAC combo. I thought about integrating it into my kit, but I can’t take the chance of a client wiping off their eyebrows under the hot studio lights, on live TV no less!!

Having said that, just because it didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it’s a terrible product. The consistency of the gel and powder cling to existing hair and the packaging is great. I mean, it won Allure’s Editor’s Choice award for a reason!  It comes with two brushes, a hard angle brush for the gel and a blending brush for the powder. It also comes with (genius) mini tweezers for those stubborn baby hairs. I really wanted this product to work for me, but my lack of hair made it impossible. It does not have the control and longevity of a pencil, so if you’re used to a pencil, this product will be a different experience for you. On the plus side, your brows come out really soft and natural looking in the end.  At $30, it is an investment that will last a long time, but it has to work for you! If you end up loving this product, then the $30 will go a long long way. Most people that have used this product love it, which is why I decided to try it. But it just wasn’t for me. I hope you have a better experience!!

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