Hot in Summertime

30 Jun

This is an oldie but goodie transfer from itsmakeupbaby, please enjoy!


I don’t know about you, but I am honestly not a fan of the summer heat! I am big fan of glam all the time, so the summer heat tends to put a damper on my makeup needs. I don’t like to tan, I’m not a big fan of the sun and I literally melt in the summer. I do wear less makeup on hot days, so I need products that will not only hold up in the heat, but also allow me the freedom to create different looks.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner

I find that most Kohl pencils provide wonderful movement and “smudge-abilty,” but they are far from waterproof and will not survive the summer heat, often times I find that perfect bottom liner that I spent forever on is gone by the time I even get to where I am going. Stila’s Smudge Stick Eyeliner is great! It goes on creamy and smooth; It allows you to really get in there and smudge away before it sets. It’s precise enough to draw a thin line right along the lashline. Smudging that line creates the illusion of fuller lashes, pair it with a great waterproof mascara and you are good to go!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I love love love this product sooo much! I use it every single day! I’m actually shocked that I haven’t reviewed it sooner! It is a eyeshadow primer. Believe me, I have tried many primers, but this one is the absolute best. Essentially what it does is even out your skin tone while creating a silicone barrier between your skin and the makeup. This prevents creasing and fading. It keeps the color rich and in place. I rarely have to retouch anything. It’s so amazing. This reminds me that I am actually running low…after over a year of using the product! A little bit does the job, just a fat droplet on each eye and I’m covered all day! For $17, it is a steal!! This is a must have for anyone that wears eyeshadow. It is truly amazing..all year long!!!

Smashbox Browtech To Go

This solved my eyebrow woes! In the summer, my eyebrows disappear and since I am brow hair challenged I needed ONE product that could do the job when I am on the go. I recently brought this and really love how it’s a small all in one product. It is double ended, with an angled fat pencil on one side and a brow gel with a mascara wand applicator and the other. The pencil isn’t so creamy that it allows for hurried mistakes; it has the right texture to fill in missing spots. The angled tip is also great for precise work. After you’ve drawn your perfect arches, run the gel over them to set the pencil and place pesky hairs. The end result are natural looking brows that are long-wearing and water resistant!

Too Faced Chocolate Soliel Matte Bronzing Powder

Of course, you can’t talk about summer essentials without talking about bronzers! This one is my favorite! It’s a beautiful bronze pigment that has real cocoa powder in it, so it smells like chocolate…mmm. It is bronze…not orange (which is great).  It is totally matte and can also be used for contouring. It enhances all skin-tones and for this product again, a little bit goes a long way…especially if you are light skinned. Make sure to tap off your brush before applying.  I like to use large round circular strokes right under my cheekbones to add a little contour and swiping a little bit of blush over my cheekbones to create that sun-kissed California girl look! It can also be used to enhance your cleavage…va va voom

Just because the temperatures are rising doesn’t mean that you need to put your makeup away! The right products can keep you glamorous all summer long!


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