Benefit Heavy Hitters

30 Jun

Benefit makes some pretty awesome stuff! After my not-so-positive experience with their brow product Brow-Zing, I thought I should give them some credit by reviewing some of my favorite items.

Some Kind-A Gorgeous

This product is awesome! But what is it? It is advertised as a foundation faker. WTF is that? Essentially, it is a cream to powder foundation, BUT the coverage is very light. It is designed to blend imperfections and even out the skin. It is oil-free and silky to the touch. It originally came in one shade, as it is so light that it almost acts like a cream to powder translucent base. However, it is tinted, so it now comes in four shades to better match individual skin tones. This product is ideal for anyone who doesn’t need very much coverage. It provides a little more coverage than a mineral foundation and lasts longer. If you don’t generally like the feel of a heavy foundation, but need some light/medium coverage, this product is for you. My only recommendation for using his product is to use a foundation brush. It comes with a little sponge but it gets pretty grimy, as with all cream products. So invest in a foundation brush and some sponges and you’ll be good to go.

Play Sticks

If Some Kind-A Gorgeous isn’t quite enough coverage for you, Benefit’s Play Sticks should do just the trick. This product is a three-in-one; It is a concealer and foundation and also dries to a powder finish! And…get this…it has chamomile and green tea extracts to help promote healthy skin…wow! It is light-weight, but provides excellent coverage. I was most impressed with how easy it is to use this product. In my experience, stick/crayon foundations tend to come on a tad chalky and need to be emulsified with a nice moisturizer to blend onto the skin. Benefit Play Sticks are so creamy! They are blendable and smell great! I apply this directly to the face in lines and dots then blend it with a moist triangle sponge for a natural look. I bought it recently as a gift for my mom and she loves it! It’s great for all skin types and is a wonderful all in one product!

She Laq

This product truly is magical! It is a liquid laminate that seals makeup directly onto the face. It prevents smudges and smears and keeps your makeup in place. It comes with four brushes for precise application. BUT…here is the thing…it works best on pencils and mascara. Benefit says you can use it on top of anything, but I disagree. It is a liquid laminate, like a nail polish topcoat, for example. If you’ve ever gotten polish on your skin, you know that it will flake off after some movement. Putting this product on any powders (blush, eyeshadow, bronzer) is like putting a nail topcoat on your face. When it dries, it will laminate the makeup on the face in whatever position it dried in. So if you blink or smile, it may flake off or stick to itself and dull/muddle the color. I also wouldn’t use it on lips, as lips need moisture. For best results, use it on top of your eyeliner, brow pencil, and mascara. The effect will amaze you! You liner will not budge and you will have brows for days. Cry all you want, your mascara will not run! A little bit goes a long way with this product, use a light hand when applying! If you put too much it will flake off, like a nail polish topcoat. But it is a great value and will last forever.  My recommendation is to always wash the product out of your brushes and make sure the lid is on tight after each use.

You will surely Benefit from trying these products:-)

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